Canadian Polish Congress, Manitoba District celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

On April 20, 2017, the Canadian Polish Congress MB took part in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s lavish annual Gala honouring 150 years of Canada’s musical legacy. Featuring the apt theme “With Glowing Hearts”, the event took place at the RBC Convention Centre and included live performances by world-renowned violinist Tianwa Yang as well as vocalist Eleanor McCain, who will perform a hit-filled ‘Canadian Songbook’ concert with the WSO later this month.

The Gala offered hundreds of auction items and prizes as well as a gourmet dinner and dancing with a live rock band.

The Canadian Polish Congress in Manitoba is rightfully known for its support of the Polish repertoire and supporting Polish artists performing with the WSO. President Grażyna Gałęzowski and other members of the board enjoy a long term, productive friendship with the Orchestra’s Music Director and Conductor Alexander Mickelthwate and Managing Director Trudy Schroeder.

The WSO has featured the works of numerous Polish composers, including Chopin, Szymanowski, Gόrecki, Paderewski, and others. The Gala was also sponsored by Małgorzata Kellermann McCulloch of the WSO Board of Directors and the Gala’s Organizing Committee. It is certain that that the WSO’s upcoming 70th-year Platinum Anniversary season will bring more cooperation and friendship between the Orchestra and the Canadian Polish Congress MB District. 

Black Ribbon Day Report

posted on September 18, 2016



Black Ribbon Day Celebration in Winnipeg

Black Ribbon Day is celebrated in Canada since 2009. Adopted by the Canadian Parliament it is a day to celebrate all the victims of totalitarian regimes in Europe.
This year's celebration in Winnipeg was organized by the Canadian Polish Congress, MB District.   At the Manitoba Legislature in the hall called “The Pool of the Black Star” representatives gathered from various levels of government and ethnic groups. Present was MP Kevin Lamoureux, Provincial Minister  Ron Schuler,  MLA’s: Nic Curry, Cindy Lamoureux, Brad Michalski, Andrew Smith, Len Isleifson, Polish Honorary Consul  Dr. Vladimir Czarnecki, German Honorary Consul Lucia Stooldryer, Pastor of Andrew Bobola Parish Father Sebastian Gacki and Father Daniel Janulewicz from Holy Ghost Parish. 

 The program opened with an address by the master of ceremonies President of the Canadian Polish Congress, MB District Grazyna Galezowski.  A Historical outline of Black Ribbon Day was presented by President of the Polish Gymnastics Association Sokol St. Boniface, Peter Arlukiewicz.  Honorary guests also brought greetings during which they emphasized the importance of the ceremony and some even recalled personal experiences. A musical interlude was provided by Aneta Los and décor for the celebration was made by Wioletta Los. 

Benedicte Lemaitre and Adam Pawlak conducted the special prayers. We had the opportunity to all unite together in a humble prayer flowing straight from the hearts of representatives of ethnic groups: Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Ukraine, Lithuania and Slovakia.

This event allowed us to reconnect with all the European nations that have been oppressed by totalitarian regimes. This dark part of history is dragging a stem of sorrow along times and generations. Brutal and repulsing images in our minds and memories make us close our eyes and ears. Nevertheless, this is the testament of our forefathers to remember the millions of innocent victims and heroes. Keep them alive in our hearts and do not leave them unrecognized for our children.

Black Ribbon Day, 22 August 7PM

posted on August 7, 2016



1) WHEREAS the Government of Canada has actively advocated for and continues to support the principals enshrined by The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260 (III) A of 9 December 1948;

2) WHEREAS the extreme forms of totalitarian rule practiced by the Nazi and Communist dictatorships led to premeditated and vast crimes committed against millions of human beings and their basic and inalienable rights on a scale unseen before in history;

3) WHEREAS hundreds of thousands of human beings, fleeing the Nazi and Soviet Communist crimes, sought and found refuge in Canada;

4) WHEREAS the millions of Canadians of Eastern and Central European descent whose families have been directly affected by Nazi and/or Communist crimes have made unique and significant, cultural, economic, social and other contributions to help build the Canada we know today;

5) WHEREAS 20 years after the fall of the totalitarian Communist regimes in Europe, knowledge among Canadians about the totalitarian regimes which terrorised their fellow citizens in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 40 years in the form of systematic and ruthless military, economic and political repression of the people by
means of arbitrary executions, mass arrests, deportations, the suppression of free expression, private property and civil society and the destruction of cultural and moral identity and which deprived the vast majority of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe of their basic human rights and dignity, separating them from the democratic world by means of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall, is still alarmingly superficial and inadequate;

6) WHEREAS Canadians were instrumental during the 1980’s in raising global awareness of crimes committed by European totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes by founding an annual “Black Ribbon Day” on August 23rd, to commemorate the legal partnership of these two regimes through the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret protocols;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT every victim of any totalitarian regime has the same human dignity and deserves justice, remembrance and recognition by the Parliament and the government of Canada, in efforts to ensure that such crimes and events are never again repeated; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Parliament and the Government of Canada unequivocally condemn the crimes against humanity committed by totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes and offer the victims of these crimes and their family members sympathy, understanding and recognition for their suffering; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Government of Canada establish an annual Canadian Day of Remembrance for the victims of Nazi and Soviet Communist crimes on August 23rd, called “Black Ribbon Day,” to coincide with the anniversary of the signing of the infamous pact between the Nazi and Soviet Communist regimes.


Toronto, 2016



Each calendar year the Canadian Polish Millennium Fund awards grants in May and October.  Grant applications may be found on the Millennium Fund’s website at  To be eligible for consideration, every application must be fully completed, signed and submitted according to the following criteria:

In May:

Applications made by on behalf of Canadian-Polish institutions / organizations / groups or individuals such as educational institutions, cultural institutions, social and youth organizations and authors of published books which deal with Polish and/or Polonia matters:  the deadline for submission is April 15.  All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.


In October:

Applications for student grants:  applicants must be students of Polish descent who have completed their first year of studies and are currently enrolled in a program of study at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution.  The deadline for submission is September 15.   All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.


In addition, the Millennium Fund administers four distinct student awards:


  1.  The Dr. S. J. Biskupski grant is awarded to a Canadian resident of Polish descent who undertakes studies of the Polish language in Poland.  The deadline for submission is September 15th.  All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline date will not be accepted


  1. The "POMNIK PAMIĘCI” grant is funded by Bronisława Stanisławska in memory of her sons Wojtek and Witek Stanisławski who were murdered in the German concentration camp at “Auschwitz”.  The award is primarily directed towards students of Polish history at the University of Toronto.  The deadline for submission is September 15.   All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.



  1. The Col. Bolesław Orliński grant is awarded to a student of Polish descent (enrolled in a professional pilot training program in accordance with the wishes of the estate of Polish aviator and test pilot Colonel Bolesław Orlinski. As stipulated, students of Polish descent may apply by submitting the completed questionnaire found on our website together with the specified required documentation to the Canadian Polish Millennium Fund.  The deadline for submissions is April 15th each year.  Additional information may be found on our website:


  1. In 2007, Zbigniew Czapliński, P.Eng., funded an award for students who enroll in a program of study at a post-secondary institution.  Applicants must be descendants of members of the Polish Home Army (“Armia Krajowa”) who fought during the Second World War.  The deadline for submission is September 15.   All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. More information on this award is available on our website.   



All completed applications must be mailed to the address below.  For further information, please contact us by phone, email or by visiting our website.


Canadian Polish Millennium Fund

Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium

3055 Lakeshore Blvd.

Toronto, ON M8V 1K6

Tel/fax: 416 532 1921






Board of Directors

Presidents Report

posted on February 14, 2016

Canadian Polish Congress MB District - Presidents Report Grazyna Galezowski

Year 2015 was a year full of various events and celebrations in which I took an active part. In addition to the traditional celebrations of national holidays and church masses Congress prepared a number of cultural events. One of them was the exhibition "In the foot steps of Polish Pioneers in Manitoba," which took place at the Manitoba Legislative Building from July 1 to August 30, 2015.  The exhibit met with great interest not only by Polish community but also Canadians who had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the settlements of the first Polish pioneers in our province.

The Polish Language Study course at the University of Manitoba  established by the CCP, MB, requires our financial support on an on going basis. A committee was established to financially help support the Polish Endowment Fund at the U of M. of which Maria Szymańska was appointed chair person.  I actively participated in the committee and assisted with the following tasks: I reserved a room at CanadINN, prepared a Diploma of Recognition for the instructor Magda Blackmore, sold tickets to the event, sent invitations to several politicians, and organized two prizes for the raffle.  The committees excellent work resulted  in a very successful charity dinner that was held on April 19, 2015  with the total event profit allocated to the Fund.

In cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, I helped secure financial support for the Manitoba premier of the film "Death of Captain Pilecki", which took place on May 5, 2015 at the theatre Cinematheque in Winnipeg. I also helped organize all print and media for this event.  

Upon invitation by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Manitoba I took part in several ceremonies representing the CPC MB Division and greeted the public with short speeches. The events included a rally on May 8 to commemorate the victims of the Second World War and September 12th for the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the victims of the forced labor camps interned during the First World War. I would like to add that the inscription on the monument is written in several languages, including Polish and reads: "Never forget. Remember, learn “

This year Black ribbon Day was held on August 21st at the Manitoba Legislature organized by the Ukraine Canadian Congress.  I participated by representing the CPC MB District.   Also on August 22, I placed a mass intention at Holy Ghost Church for the victims of communism and fascism.  I also prepared a short prayer which was read by the pastor.

On June 12, 2015 a statue for pilot officer Andrew Mynarski was unveiled in Winnipeg at Vimy Ridge Memorial park.   Through our Polish media I helped promote the unveiling of the statue and attended the dedication ceremony.

I actively participated in numerous celebrations organized by various member organizations of the CPC, MB District. In June at the invitation of the Polish Gymnastic Society "Sokół" Winnipeg I took part in “Polish Fest" celebrations.  In October I took part in the "Polish Jeopardy" tournament organized by the Polish Canadian Women Federation Br No. 7. In November I attended a music concert organized by the Polish Musical Society. Ignacy Jan Paderewski, during which I presented congratulatory remarks on occasion of its 30th anniversary.

I was also a guest on the 25th - anniversary of priesthood of Father Sebastian Gacki, pastor of St. Andrew Bobola Church. During the ceremony, I presented him a commemorative poster and a gift donated by all members of Congress

The Canadian Polish Congress sponsored a fundraising banquet for Radio Polonia, in which CPC board members and myself took part in.

The pastor of Holy Ghost Church, Father Alfred Grzempa requested a meeting with representatives of Polish organizations in Winnipeg which I organized. It took place on October 15th and its aim was to establish better cooperation between the pastor and the presidents of these organizations. The result of this meeting is a proposal to organize a joint picnic for the Polonia in 2016

In June the Polish Ambassador to Canada His Excellency Marcin Bosacki, arrived for an official visit in Winnipeg. I organized a meeting between the ambassador and all the representatives of the Polish organizations in Winnipeg. I also arranged a meeting between the WSO maestro Alexander Mickeltwate and ambassador to discuss the possible support of a concert for the WSO symphony. All meetings were very well received and congress received a thank you note from the Polish Embassy for our hospitality.

One of the main goals of Congress is to celebrate Polish National Holidays. As every year, on occasion of the May 3rd Constitution Day , Congress  had Mass at St. Andrew Bobola church followed by an artistic program held at the Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol St Boniface. The second part of the program was dedicated to mothers on occasion of the upcoming Mother's Day. Wioletta Los along with students from the Polish Saturday Language Classes prepared a special program. In addition each mother received a small gift.

Polish Independence Day was celebrated on November 8 at Holy Ghost church with mass at 11:30 along with an artistic program held in the parish hall. Wioletta Los was again responsible for the program and included students from the Polish Saturday Language classes.  In its premier a play called: "The Road to Freedom" was presented.  The excellent script and efforts on part of the students and teachers were rewarded with thunderous applause. Thanks to our event sponsors we were able to provide coffee  and refreshments for the public in attendance. During the celebrations,  I presented awards to Polish community volunteers and  sponsors: Maria Oleszkiewicz, Mary Szymańska, Mariusz Kołakowski and Dr. Krystyna Winogrodzki.

In 2015 we continued with our efforts of scanning important CPC documents and recording them onto data storage devices like CDs and USB. This involved again putting forth an application to the federal government for the so called “summer job” grant.  Magda Pawlak was rehired and continued her work in our office.  

This past year many board meetings as well as delegate meetings were held in accordance with the planned timetable that was proposed at the beginning of the year.  The meetings were placed on rotation at various Polish organizations and I would like to thank you for sharing your premises.

On October 17, 2015 I took part in the AGM of the national board of CPC in Toronto where I submitted a special report during the meeting of our Manitoba branch activities.  

As president of Congress, I devoted much time to prepare an application for the  Ethnocultural Support Program to obtain some extra funds for our organization. After numerous submissions, repeatedly providing explanations and sending additional information I am happy to report we have meet the new grant requirements and our application was accepted.

In 2015 new By-laws of the National Canadian Polish Congress were accepted. Individual districts were encouraged to prepare their own by-laws. A committee was established to prepare and rewrite the by-laws for our Manitoba District. These time-consuming activities were undertaken by Lech Gałęzowski. All members of the board, as well as delegates had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the proposed changes.

All CPC announcements are published on the CPC website, Facebook of CPC, the newspaper "Czas-Zwiazkowiec" and Radio Polonia. The persons involved in these taksks are: Joanna Książek, Boleslaw Lucki and Lech Gałęzowski.  I would like to thank them for their contribution and dedication of time to our district.

My special thanks go to Jack Chojczak for his honest work and very professional "care" of our funds and for his efforts to find sponsors for our events. I would  also like to  thank Wioletta Los for her very creative and dedicated work in the Events Committee. My thanks to Beata Biernacka for her  conscientious efforts in all of her  duties and Mariusz Kołakowski for his work with the  immigration Committee

When I look back at all of my work in 2015 for the CPC MB District, I can confidently say that I have full filled all the duties entrusted to me. I would also like to thank all the board members for their  successful and fruitful cooperation. I hope that the new executive board will continue to work for the Polish community in Manitoba.

Prepared by

                                                                                    January, 05 2015

Grazyna Galezowski

President CPC MB Branch

The Contemporary Music Festival

posted on January 31, 2016

The Contemporary Music Festival in Winnipeg presented the Canadian premiere of Henryk Górecki's Fourth Symphony. One of the sponsers of the event was the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto. Consul General Grzegorz Morawski brought greetings. 

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentleman,

I am delighted to be here tonight to celebrate such a significant event. The Contemporary Music Festival in Winnipeg is one of the most important festivals of modern music on the American Continent. This year’s edition, saluting 25 years of the Festival, culminates tonight with the first ever premiere on Canadian soil of Henryk Gorecki’s Fourth Symphony.

This evening is an excellent occasion to celebrate Poland’s rich music heritage through the performance of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Poland has an enormously rich and wonderful history of music. Also contemporary music, of which Gorecki’s Fourth Symphony is the best example. And we are proud of it.

Ladies and Gentleman,

Henryk Gorecki has an extremely rich artistic work, but the greatest popularity has brought the composer the Third Symphony “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.” Popularity of the Third Symphony reaches far beyond the world of classical music. In 1992, the symphony reached the top of the American and British music charts. The composition was included in several movie soundtracks, and as well it has become an inspiration for other types of music. Presented tonight Gorecki’s Fourth Symphony was done in 2006, but the composer did not manage to orchestrate it, he left in unfinished because of his death in 2010. But Mikolaj Gorecki, the son of the artist, who is present with us tonight, completed the Masterpiece.

Distinguished Guests,

I also avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all involved in the preparation of the Festival; celebrating this magnificent evening by sharing Polish Composer’s, Henryk Gorecki Symphony with Canadians.

I would like to thank especially Mr. Alexander Mickelthwate, Artistic Director, and Mr. Matthew Patton of the Festival for having chosen a great piece of Polish music; Mr. Neil Middleton, Marketing and Development Director for having worked with us on this partnership; and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Wlodzimierz Czarnecki for having commenced the relation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Wishing nothing but success to The Contemporary Music Festival in Winnipeg, I warmly invite you all to relax and gloat over magnificent, one of a kind performance.

Among the invited  guests there were memberes of the Canadian Polish Congress MB Division

University of Manitoba Continuing Education 
January 11, 2016 - April 4, 2016
Monday 6:00pm - 8:00pm
185 Extended Education Building,
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB  R3T 2N2 Canada
Tel 204-474-8738  Fax 204-474-7660  Toll Free 1-888-216-7011

Canadian Polish Congress Manitoba Branch informs that if you wish to make a tax deductible financial contribution to the Polish Studies Endowment Fund at the University of Manitoba, you may do so by December 15, 2015. 

To make a financial contribution, please fill out the attached pledge form and send it to the address provided on the form. 

PRESS RELEASE               PLEDGE FORM          

This year marks the 97th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence in 1918. As in previous years, The Canadian Polish Congress Manitoba Branch organized the November 11th celebration this year at Holy Ghost Parish. The day commenced with solemn mass celebrated by Fr. Alfred Grzempa OMI with beautifully decorated altar courtesy of Bernadette Gabriel.  The ceremony was attended by member organizations belonging to Congress, the organization’s representative banners, scouts and for the first time, The Knights of Columbus. In his homily, Father Grzempa spoke of patriotism and gave a brief outline regarding Poland’s history and how independence was regained.

After mass, guest were asked to attend Academia, being held at the church basement hall. For the first time in many years, there were so many attendees that additional seats needed to be found. The Master of Ceremony was President of the Canadian Polish Congress Manitoba Branch, Grazyna Galezowski. The ceremony commenced with one of Poland’s national dances, the Polonaise Mazur, performed by a Sokol dancers of Winnipeg under the direction of Anna Wesolowska-Kulbinska. This year's invocation was given by Fr. Alfred Grzempa and a short lecture about freedom was delivered by Adam von Lau. A new production was featured this year by Wioletta Los with the aid of the Polish Saturday School of Polish Language, called "The Road to Freedom.”  The program focused on Poland’s history of independence to when it regained its sovereignty in 1918. The presentation was a great success and huge hit with the audience as evidenced by the large round of applause. Kudos is given to all the students who were able to memorize all the lines from the script! Yet another noteworthy and unique addition to this year’s Independence Day celebration that was extremely popular was an exhibition of medals prepared by Lech and Zofia Wielkopolan. It showcased medals from 1918-1945, various pictures, letters and other interesting decorations. It has been 20 years since Mr. and Mr.s Weilkopoland prepared such an exhibition for the public and we certainly hope that it’s not the last!

Every year, the Canadian Polish Congress recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Polish community or Congress by handing out diplomas or recognition pins. This year, diplomas were awarded to: Mary Oleszkiewicz, Maria Szymanska Dr. Krystyna Wiongrodzka and Mariusz Kolakowski. The scholarship from the Millennium Foundation was awarded to Martin Kosciuszyk. Congratulations to all. We hope you continue your fruitful work for the Polish community.

One can only hope that such a large number of attendees will continue to support all the events organized by the Canadian Polish Congress.



posted on October 6, 2015