Polish School

The Saturday School of Polish Language in Winnipeg

The Saturday School of Polish Language is housed in a school, namely Churchill High School at 510 Hay Street, and runs classes every Saturday from mid-September to the end of May. Polish language classes are held from 11:00 am to 1:45 pm.

Preceding the Polish language classes, from 10:00 to 11:00 am, the school provides religion lessons in Polish, offering preparation for the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. The programs in religion and the Polish language are developed for kindergarten to Grade 8 levels, including a course to prepare for exams of accreditation in the Polish language.

Contact: Mrs. Barbara Torka, School Principal, phone: 204-668-5323, email: btorka@shaw.ca

The school has existed in its present form since 2008, i.e. since the Saturday School of Polish Language at Holy Ghost Parish joined the Saturday School of Polish Language at St. Andrew Bobola Parish. The amalgamation of the schools was necessitated not only by decreasing numbers of children attending both schools, but also in consideration of a more suitable location and operating conditions available to the school associated with St. Andrew Bobola Parish.

The amalgamated school adopted a new name, The Saturday School of Polish Language.

The current teaching staff is comprised of teachers from both former schools.

Educational activities with the children are conducted by seven qualified teachers, educated in Poland. Mrs. Barbara Torka, school principal, is responsible for all curriculum matters.

School affairs are directed by a Parents Committee elected by, and from, parents whose children attend the school. The Committee includes a chair, secretary and treasurer.

The school has charitable organization designation and operates under the auspices of the Canadian Polish Congress-Manitoba Branch.

Within the school, children not only learn to read and write in Polish, but also learn about Polish culture, history and geography.

Students also take part in national competitions organized by the Association of Polish Teachers in Canada for all Polish community schools.

During the Christmas season, students and teachers present the Nativity Play, which they prepare themselves.

These Polish school children actively participate in commemorative observances of Poland’s National Independence Day and May 3 Constitution Day, organized by the Canadian Polish Congress. Their short performances bring sparkle to the events.